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K-pop fans! Please do not buy from seller Cloudkpop/Eva Púre/Seungyoon!!

Hello, loves! I don’t normally do this, but this just got on my last nerve to no end. I know many of you, such as my dear cousins, love k-pop, but you don’t want to buy it from stores and/or sites because they might overprice things or what you want is out of print. Therefore, the alternative method is trading amongst ourselves via online. 

While e-shopping is convenient and have a wider range of selection, we still run the risk of buying from people, who have lost all integrity for the purpose of money (aka scammers.) It’s especially more frustrating when its someone within the same fandom as you are, thinking you could trust her.

I’m not posting to bash upon Cloudkpop, but rather to warn future buyers by sharing my brief story because the detailed one would go on for pages. My cousin had bought a VIXX album (Jekyll signed) on December 29, 2013. To a certain point, the girl stopped replying, at least to my cousin’s email. 2 3

We are reasonable people. We didn’t mind if shipping was delayed or if it was lost. All we wanted was a reply, such as, “sorry for the delay,” or “I’ve shipped it already. I don’t understand what had happened.”

We also understood people have lives and get pretty busy from time to time so they cannot always be as responsive as they would like to be. However, the peculiar thing was Cloudkpop can be seen updating her feed and even responding to my emails about a different album, yet no word to my cousin. 

So to all my followers, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. We’ve already placed a claim in paypal and hopefully be getting our money back. There is no need to blast her since it would do no good, but if you would like to avoid such a person, here is her contact information:

Email & Paypal: contactevapure@gmail.com
Facebook 2
Tumblr 2

Update: She has deleted some of her accounts, but there have been many girls that say she has done the same to them.This is just not right.

Going Social? What’s that?

Many of you have asked if I’m on other social networking sites so I thought I would just compile a list of them. [I don’t use these very much…besides IG]

Instragram: ho_kae
Pinterest: Hokae
Other Tumblr: kawaiihodesu (I used this one to privately answer messages too.)
Twitter: @KaeLingHo

I’m not very creative with my usernames…

Tips on Contouring

imageDuh harro! Kae here. I’ve been receiving many questions about how to change one’s face shape. I also have been trying to answer all these questions individually because everyone has a different face shape [sorry if I haven’t gotten to you yet >.<]. However, I figured that I could make a general post about contouring in hopes you can take some of the methods and apply it to your own. This is not a tutorial but a little reference you could use. I am in no way a professional, but I just wanted to pass off some stuff that I’ve learnt that may or may not be useful to you. Also keep in mind my face shape is round…like…really round and I have high cheekbones. In addition, I am not very good with words so I have chose to make visual examples in hopes you get what I am saying…

Also, we all know I don’t look like that when applying on makeup. Here’s a more realistic photo:


Ok so here is a picture of my dull round face. Noticed how flat and colorless it looks. I have a right to look sad in here. Probably should have drawn on some tears…


I’ve taken the liberty to draw on my pictures to show you exactly where I put my contouring products: 


So the first example I wanted to show is how I normally contour my face. Not only do I want to add color and depth to my face but I also want to show off the high cheekbones. Gotta display them proudly! 


And then of course, you blend. As awesome as Drag Queens are, you don’t want to look like on on a daily basis…


Ta-da! I also forgot to mention this is how I make my face slimmer. My face doesn’t look as round and wide than it actually is.

Next is how I make my face into a more heart shape look. Whether it is disney princesses or anime girls, I’ve noticed most of them have a small slender face with a narrow chin. Obviously, I have none of that. *cries* It’s ok, I have makeup. Using bronzer, I applied it along my jawline and along the side of my face in a triangular shape. My highlight is almost the same as the first example but noticed around my chin area, I have extended the highlight further down. And lastly, apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks and blend.



I look like I just got chin fillers….

And of course, if you don’t want to look like you have an alien head like me, just add light bronzer around the temple area and blend along your hair line.

Last example is a more masculine look. When I think of masculine, I think of a more structured and squarish look. This one can help my your face look shorter, too. I skipped out on the blush this time. Didn’t need it if I wanted to be more manlier. To give myself a more squarish face shape, I applied a lot of bronzer on my chin and kept the highlighter to a minimum. And I didn’t blend the bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks and on my jawline together. I felt that if I did, it would have made my face more round. I also extended the shading on my nose half way on my brow bone to bring my brows closer to my eyes. 



That’s all I have. Again, sorry for the lack of eloquence in my words, but I do hope you picked up a thing or two from this post. I don’t really recommend using the last two examples or even using intense colors that I’ve used unless you plan to cosplay or take part in a Drag Queen Show. In that case, contouring is only a quarter of the battle. There’s the brows, the eye makeup, and the lips to worry about, makeup wise that is. I personally feel that makeup either makes or breaks your costume. Oh, and let’s not forget about posing and angles~

Anyways, thank you for taking your time reading this. And I’ll just end this with a picture with all my faces side by side.


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