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I’m Chinese, so I wonder if non-Chinese understand





that in the Chinese version of Disney’s Mulan, the fake name she gives is “Ping”, but her family name “Fa” in English is “Hua” in Chinese, therefore her full name is “Hua Ping”, which is literally “Flower Vase”, and that’s why Shang is so bewildered because it’s a silly name.


but OP how could you not tell them the best part

“hua ping”/flower vase is chinese slang for “camp gay”



Correction: Fa is Cantonese. Hua is Mandarin. There is no “Chinese.”

TITLE: My Neck My Back (dirty Version)
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So it just came to my attention…I’ve been reblogging on the wrong tumblr. LOL Sorry y’all. But if you like the dumb content I have been reblogging, feel free to follow: Kawaiihodesu

Happy Easter! Jesus, raise it!

K-pop fans! Please do not buy from seller Cloudkpop/Eva Púre/Seungyoon!!

Hello, loves! I don’t normally do this, but this just got on my last nerve to no end. I know many of you, such as my dear cousins, love k-pop, but you don’t want to buy it from stores and/or sites because they might overprice things or what you want is out of print. Therefore, the alternative method is trading amongst ourselves via online. 

While e-shopping is convenient and have a wider range of selection, we still run the risk of buying from people, who have lost all integrity for the purpose of money (aka scammers.) It’s especially more frustrating when its someone within the same fandom as you are, thinking you could trust her.

I’m not posting to bash upon Cloudkpop, but rather to warn future buyers by sharing my brief story because the detailed one would go on for pages. My cousin had bought a VIXX album (Jekyll signed) on December 29, 2013. To a certain point, the girl stopped replying, at least to my cousin’s email. 2 3

We are reasonable people. We didn’t mind if shipping was delayed or if it was lost. All we wanted was a reply, such as, “sorry for the delay,” or “I’ve shipped it already. I don’t understand what had happened.”

We also understood people have lives and get pretty busy from time to time so they cannot always be as responsive as they would like to be. However, the peculiar thing was Cloudkpop can be seen updating her feed and even responding to my emails about a different album, yet no word to my cousin. 

So to all my followers, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. We’ve already placed a claim in paypal and hopefully be getting our money back. There is no need to blast her since it would do no good, but if you would like to avoid such a person, here is her contact information:

Email & Paypal: contactevapure@gmail.com
Facebook 2
Tumblr 2

Update: She has deleted some of her accounts, but there have been many girls that say she has done the same to them.This is just not right.

Going Social? What’s that?

Many of you have asked if I’m on other social networking sites so I thought I would just compile a list of them. [I don’t use these very much…besides IG]

Instragram: ho_kae
Pinterest: Hokae
Other Tumblr: kawaiihodesu (I used this one to privately answer messages too.)
Twitter: @KaeLingHo

I’m not very creative with my usernames…

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